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LIFT12 embraces design thinking and business intelligence to create fashion brands perfectly in tune with our customer's lifestyle and retail partner's needs.
Fashion, E Commerce, Online Retail
Product Description

We use a big-data driven approach to guide all of our design strategy in order to give customers products that they want, when they want them. From crawling websites to analyzing prices and sales data, actionable and real-time information helps us predict which products will sell in each of our sales channels/geographies.


Data collection tools
Proprietary design process

  • Seed
    September 2013
    Silicon Straits, others
For investors only
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    Andrew is responsible for creative direction and private labels at LIFT12. Previously, he worked for Hennessy (of LVMH) and other leading luxury brands across a range of disciplines from graphic to jewelry design. He also started his own sculptural jewelry brand, A.D. Wolf Design, and went on to establish 9Fountains, South East Asia’s premier online t-shirt store and design collective. Andrew holds a degree in Product Design from Stanford University and an MBA from London Business School.
  • Silicon Straits
  • others