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Pie is a tool for sharing things with your coworkers
Enterprise, Saa S, Productivity
Product Description

Pie is the hottest place to share knowledge with people at work

★ Pie is intuitive and works fast. It’s the best way to share anything you find with your coworkers.
★ Pie is made for the modern worker. It rises productivity and can be accessed anywhere on any device.
★ Pie is a private place. Use it to collect information for projects, read what your coworkers are reading and build knowledge together.

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Using Node, Angular and Redis.
Highly responsive and crazy fast

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  • Seed
    August 2013
For investors only
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    Co-founder of Pie:
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    CEO of Pie. Former CTO of Linkool Labs (acquired by Mozilla) and Managing Partner at ZAG.
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  • Pieter Kemps
  • Peng T. Ong
  • Porter Erisman
  • Diederik Zwager
  • David Webster
  • Steve Elrick
  • Digital Garage
  • Siemer Ventures
  • Publicis Groupe
  • Koh Boon Hwee