A social network for travelers. Share and Discover travel itineraries & stories.


Product description

Tripoto is a social network/community for sharing and discovering user generated travel itineraries and stories.

Travel is one of the most shared content in the world with around 2.2 Million Travel blogs, 150 million trip adviser reviews. 42% of content shared on Facebook is travel related and 30% of tweets are travel related. We are focusing on this large and valuable segment and aggregating all UGC content on one platform.

Tripoto is solving following problems in travel UGC -
1) Discovery and aggregation of UGC - Quality Travel UGC is hard to find and is scattered in blogs, social media, forums

2) Ease of creation of Travel content - We have built a beautiful Publishing platform which is integrated with social media

3) Ease of Consumption of Travel UGC - By structuring the content in the form of itineraries we are making it easy to use and consume.

Monetization would be achieved through a) Sponsored posts b) Paid listing c) Lead generation for travel businesses.


A publishing platform and a social network unique to Travel content.

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Michael Pargal
Michael Pargal
Founder At Tripoto
Anirudh Gupta
Anirudh Gupta
Founder At Tripoto



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